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About Me

About me? Hmmmm...


A few Random Thoughts


1. I love the Lord Jesus Christ

2. I am a Certified Professional Photographer  through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) .  

3. I love to sing and have many years doing so

4. Photography is my passion. I pray I can see you the way God does and that I can show that on camera.

5. I will NOT take every client that calls- I have a different style and must feel that it meets YOUR needs, and MY comfort level to accept the job.

6. Outdoor shoots are my favorite

7. I like to try different things

8. Your ideas are WELCOME (You want What? - lets try it :)

9. I am GOOFY! ... lol

10. I am BAD with names

11. Comfortable clients always have the best portraits. (And usually have a ton of fun)


Oh yes, I'm on Facebook (hit me up)

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